Meet our expert primary care team

Great primary care happens when medical professionals with varying backgrounds come together to provide better care — and that’s how we designed our clinical team. Our providers are board-certified and qualified to make diagnoses, order tests, manage medications, coordinate with specialists, manage complex conditions, and provide counseling.

A team-based approach to medical care

Our clinical team partners with you to build a personalized care plan, coordinate with specialists, and offer guidance on improving your health and quality of life.  

Primary care provider (PCP)
Your primary care provider (PCP) is a board-certified nurse practitioner (NP-C) or physician associate (PA-C) who sees patients regularly to provide prevention and screening, medical care for complex conditions, mental wellness support, health education, and more. They diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, order tests, make referrals to specialists, and partner with you on a plan for your health that’s in line with your goals and preferences. 
Medical director
The medical director is a board-certified physician who oversees clinical care for all of the Pine Park patients in your community and nearby communities. They collaborate with PCPs on complex patient cases, share their expertise with families and community staff, and build clinical guidelines and programming that improve care.
Virtual primary care provider
The virtual PCP provides Rapid Care for urgent health issues — like chest discomfort, change in behavior, a fall, and more. They’re available for last-minute phone- or video-based appointments so patients get care faster and can avoid an unnecessary visit to the ER or urgent care. The virtual PCP also collaborates with your PCP so everyone is on the same page when it comes to urgent health needs. 
Primary care coordinator
The primary care coordinator works very closely with a designated PCP to deliver high-quality medical care to patients. They schedule appointments, answer patient and family questions, manage patient medical history and paperwork, coordinate doctor’s orders, and collaborate with community staff to ensure our care is seamless and stress-free.