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For Residents & Families
Water and Wellness: The Essential Connection Between Hydration and Health Care
As a primary care provider, one crucial aspect of health is the role of hydration, particularly in light of the recent heat waves sweeping across the country. This is particularly significant for residents of senior living communities, who strive to manage their health independently and want to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.
For Residents & Families
Why Nutrition Should Be in Your Primary Care Plan
The role of nutrition in our overall health becomes increasingly important over time, influencing our energy levels, immunity, and the management of chronic health conditions.
For Residents & Families
Keeping Your Brain Sharp and Healthy
Cognition is not only a central part of our overall health, but an important piece of maintaining the lifestyle we enjoy. So, when optimizing brain health, we want more than to just preserve memory; we also want to promote independence, maintain quality of life, and support overall well-being.
For Residents & Families
Staying Active as We Age and the Benefits of Exercise
Regular physical activity offers numerous benefits for seniors, including improved mental health, enhanced balance and fall prevention, increased independence, and a better quality of life. 
For Community Staff
Building Occupancy with Onsite Primary Care
New models of onsite primary care can help senior communities build and maintain a healthy, competitive, and high-performing community.
For Residents & Families
Managing Medications as We Age: Tips and Strategies for Older Adults
As we age, our bodies go through a number of changes, and some of these changes result in the need for medication.
Healthy Senior Living
The 4Ms Age-Friendly Healthcare Model: A Personalized Approach to Medical Care
The 4Ms Age-Friendly Healthcare Model prioritizes the individual and their specific needs, providing a higher quality of care for older adults.
Healthy Senior Living
Navigating the Senior Living Landscape: What to Look for in a Community
Choosing the right senior living community is a big decision, but it can also be a time of excitement and new opportunities.
Healthy Senior Living
Making the Most of Your Primary Care Visits: What Seniors Should Know
As we age, it's important to prioritize our health and make regular visits to a primary care doctor can help us prevent illness.

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