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Exceptional primary care just for seniors

We’ve designed a new model for healthcare, one that focuses on you. Whether you need care urgently, help managing chronic conditions, or  want to prevent illness, we make care easier, faster, and more comfortable.

What you get as a patient

Specialized primary care

We focus our entire practice on residents of senior living communities and the medical care they want and need.

Regular house calls

We provide care in the comfort of your home. No need to drive. No long wait times. No cold exam rooms.

Rapid Care for urgent needs

We offer same and next-day appointments Monday to Friday and 24/7 medical support by phone so you can get care fast.

older woman with white hair smiling

“My providers were kind, patient, and thorough in our appointment. I felt comfortable in their care and the attention given was far more than anything that happens in a usual primary care visit outside of the community.”

Andrea F.
Patient in the Bay Area

No sign-up fees or monthly costs and we accept most insurance

Avoid the stress and costs of urgent care or the ER

Patients get care fast for common concerns like a fall, UTI, wounds, pain, and more. And because we know your health history and goals, our Rapid Care team can provide more comprehensive, personalized care during every urgent visit.

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One hub for all your healthcare

We coordinate services across specialists, collaborate with everyone involved in your health in the community, and stay in touch with family, when desired.
medical provider

Specialty care coordination

Our providers can treat most medical issues, but there may be times when you need help from a specialist. Your primary care provider will coordinate care with your existing specialists and/or provide referrals to new specialists.

older woman and her adult daughter smiling and hugging

Loved by family members too

“Pine Park is one of the best things that’s happened in my mother’s healthcare. Her provider is flexible, understands patients, and treats them as partners in their healthcare decisions. Since my mom is on multiple medications, it’s easier to make adjustments now too.”

Constance K.
Daughter of a patient

Become a patient today

We understand switching your doctor can feel like a big decision, but we’ll answer your questions and help make it easier for you.

We want to make care easier to access and less expensive so we don’t charge patients any sign-up fees or monthly costs.

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